About US

Indo Borax is synonymous with Boric Acid and is referred to as the industry standard for many comparisons made in the industry.Indo Borax came into existence in 1980 and we trace our roots to Asangaon in Maharashtra where our first Boric Acid plant was established in the year 1981, followed by the establishment of a Borax plant in 1983.The stock of the company was offered to Public in 1993, resulting in an overwhelming response from investors and was oversubscribed over 1600%. Presently, we have a satisfied family of over 6000 stockholders who have helped ensure that the rich heritage and unique values established in 1980 are continued over the years uncompromisingly.Today, Indo Borax operates a most modern Boric Acid and Borax plant at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Situated near the commercially important town of Indore in the heart of the country, the plant is well connected by an efficient transport network to all parts of India.

The plant employs continuous process and is fully capable of generating its own power requirements. The plant also enjoys the approval of Food and Drug Administration for manufacturing pharmaceutical grade of Boric Acid. The company has a dedicated team of over 300 employees and additionally provides indirect means of subsistence to over 200 people. It has a highly skilled pool of talent consisting of experienced chemicals engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and chemists.Superior product qualities, together with highly dependable supplies, have earned Indo Borax a high credibility among customers with unflinching customer loyalty being the hallmark of the company.