Boric Acid Tech Grade Powder


  • As fluxes and metallurgical operation (welding and brazing steel industry (paste fluxes, soldering fluxes)
  • Boron Chemicals (boron salts, boron trifluoride, boron phosphates, boron fluo-borates, borate ester, ferro-boron and others)
  • As fire retardant (cellulosic insulation, Christmas tree, castings, cotton batting, fabrics, paper board, particle board, fabric softener,fire extinguisher, gypsum board, plaster, plastics, textiles, wall board)
  • In electroplating industry as buffer (chrome plating, nickel plating)
  • Catalysts (cyclohexane oxidation, hydrocarbon oxidation)
  • Others (Condensers, dishwashing products, lubricants, nuclear applications, nuclear power plants
  • Oil well compounds, ore beneficiations, grinding wheels, photographic plating solutions, polyvinyl alcohol, rust inhibitors, semiconductors
  • Agricultural use – micronutrient as fertilizer


  • 50 Kg. Net in Jute bags with liner inside


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